Superstition – 2018

I worked as the Lead Compositor on this TV Series. In addition to working on visual effects shots, I supervised the visual effects team as well as spent several weeks on set during production to coordinate the shooting of the VFX.

Starhunter: Redux – 2018

As a compositor on this project, I was contracted to digitally removed a holographic character from the show and replace him with another actor.

Oh Yuck! – 2017

For this TV series, I worked as the Post-Production Supervisor. I coordinated and supervised the visual effects, footage transcoding, editorial, and delivery.

Deadly Inferno – 2016

As VFX Supervisor for this feature film, I provided on set supervision of the main unit’s VFX work and directed the 2nd unit’s shooting. I worked with the Director and DP to design shots and create previsualization for key sequences in the film. As a VFX artist, I created smoke and fire simulations as well as simulation of a collapsing building. I was responsible for compositing the live action elements that I shot. I also created a digital 3D environment and digital doubles for the helicopter rescue scene at the end of the film.

When The Sky Falls – 2015

I worked as a CG Artist for this feature film, creating lightning effects, explosions, fire and smoke simulations. I composited all the greenscreen driving shots in the film and I also completed additional clean up tasks such as boom mic removal and reflection removal.

Schulich School of Business – A Thank-you to Annual Fund Donors – 2015

Schulich School of Business – A Thank-you to Annual Fund Donors
Created for one of the leading business schools in Canada, this video highlights how donations to the Schulich Annual Fund have helped improve both the school and the student experience. I shot and edited the video and animated the graphics under the direction of Schulich’s department of Development and Alumni Relations.

Dowry: Opening Credits – 2015

For this feature film, I animated the opening credits under the direction of writer and director Jag Parmar. The designs are based around wedding invitations to match the theme of the film.

The Last King – 2015

I was brought on board to help out with the visual effects on this feature film. As producer’s vision for his film progressed, I was promoted to Visual Effects Supervisor and worked with the directors and the DOP to plan how to shoot VFX heavy sequences. I also conducted on set supervision and designed the opening battle sequence in the film.

Ejecta – 2014

As Visual Effects Supervisor on this feature film, my responsibilities included meeting with the director during preproduction to discuss the feasibility of the effects as well as completing over 120 for this feature film. The effects included compositing video onto monitors, paintouts, muzzle flashes and blood effects, designing different electrical torture effects, exploding heads, and lots of other fun visual effects.

York University President’s Year in Review  – 2013

Pleased with my work on the 2012 video, York University’s Office of the President asked me to create another video to showcase the university’s accomplishments in 2013. Working with York’s president, his communications staff, and York’s marketing department, I shot, edited, and animated this video.

Septic Man – 2013

Septic Man is the second film I worked on for Foresight Features, this time as a Visual Effects Supervisor. For this film I completed over 70 shots including greenscreen work, water enhancements, paint-outs, muzzle flashes, and gore effects.

First International Meeting of Young Catholics for Social Justice – 2013

For this video, I shot and edited several hours of video into this five minute highlight of this 5 day conference. I also conducted the interviews.

Omega – 2013

As a compositor on this project, I performed 3D camera tracking and created animation. This data was sent to another artist to create the explosion effects that I composited into the scene. I was also responsible for muzzle flashes, tracers, lasers, blood effects, bullet effects, and rotoscoping.

York University President’s Year in Review – 2012

While working for York University’s Marketing Department, I working with the Office of the President to shoot, edit, and animate a video to showcase the accomplishments of the university over the past year. This was the first time such a video had been created and has since inspired other parts of the school to do likewise.

Refreshing the York Brand – 2012

When York University decided to update its brand and launch a new marketing campaign, their marketing department asked me to create a video to explain the changes to the York community. I shot, edited, and animated under the direction of the head of York’s marketing department.

Monster Brawl – 2011

As a visual effects artist on this feature film, I responsible for muzzle flashes, glowing light effects, blood effects, bullet effects, paintouts, set extensions, and make up enhancements.

In the Hearts of Men – 2011

As a visual effects artist on this project, I was responsible for muzzle flashes, tracers, blood effects, bullet effects, and compositing explosions.